Benefits Of Sauna

Published 5/16/13

What Is A Sauna?

A sauna is a tiny room designed to provide a location to experience heat sessions. There are two main types of saunas. Conventional saunas warm the air, typically by dripping water on extremely hot rocks to produce steam, while infrared saunas produce heat by warming objects. The temperatures in saunas range from 155-212 degrees Fahrenheit. The word sauna comes from the Finnish language to describe the traditional Finnish bath and bathhouses. It is common for saunas to be a social gathering or for athletes to take advantage of the sauna after their workouts. 

Sauna Health Benefits

The high temperatures found within a sauna can increase blood circulation, stimulate detoxification, kill of bacteria and infections, and relieve stress while promoting relaxation. As the body temperature rises, the blood vessels and capillaries begin to dilate while the heart rate begins to increase, allowing for more efficient blood flow. It is natural for the human body to begin to perspire as the body temperature increases. Sweating detoxifies the skin while eliminating metals and toxic chemicals from the body. The increased heart rate coupled with intense sweating can burn as many as 300 calories during one sauna session. The increased body temperature also kills of bacteria, fungi, and viruses within the body, as those types of infections cannot survive in high temperatures. The heat found within saunas can penetrate several inches into the human body, relaxing muscles and relieving stiff joints. Relaxed muscles allow for tension to be released while relieving stress. Many sauna goers claim they feel a sense of being calm after exiting a sauna and have improved sleep quality.

Sauna Versus Steam Room

The main benefits of saunas include increased blood circulation, detoxification, and reduced stress while the benefits associated with steam rooms include relieving muscle tension, lowering blood pressure, and relieving sinus and lung pressure. 

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