Running Health Benefits

Published 5/16/13

What Is Running?

Running is a type of physical activity that allows the human body to rapidly move on foot. The term running can be used to describe a variety of speeds from light jogging to full sprints. Compared to walking, where at least one foot will be on the ground at al times, running calls for both feet to be off the ground at the same time at regular intervals while the body is moving at a quickened pace. In terms of mechanics and energy, the changes in kinetic energy and potential energy happen at the same time.

Benefits Of Running

Running is associated with a vast array of health benefits. The most common benefits associated with running are increased muscle mass, increased endurance, and weight loss. These shouldn’t be of any surprise because running exercises the muscles of the leg and results with larger muscles and improved muscle endurance as well as increasing the heart rate, all of which lead to more calories being burned. Running can also benefit the immune system by helping relieve stress, a major component of weakened immune systems. The stress-relieving characteristic of running is a result of the exertion of excess energy and hormones that occurs while exercising. The exertion of hormones, specifically endorphins, can also naturally improve mood and eliminate depression. Running also helps rid the body of toxins by stimulating sweating, the body’s natural response to elevated body temperatures that can occur while exercising intensely.

Different Forms Of Running

Running can truly be performance anywhere and everywhere. It is most common for individuals to run on a paved road or path. However many runners prefer to run stairs, on bleachers, in sand, on dirt paths and trails, on a treadmill, or on a track. Each respective location provides some unique benefits compared to other locations but for the most part they all provide the general benefits associated with running. An example of unique location benefits is that running on sand tends to work out the cal muscles more than on solid ground locations. This is even more so when the running on sand is performed while barefoot. 

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