Are Pistachios Good For You?

Published 5/14/13

Pistachios Are A Smart Snack

Pistachios are jam-packed full of nutrition. They are an excellent source of and provide over 10% of your daily-recommended amount of B6 vitamin (aids protein metabolism), copper (facilities iron retention), manganese (antioxidant and detox benefit), potassium (regulates fluid balance), phosphorus (builds strong bones and teeth), and magnesium (vital component of energy conversion). Pistachios are also known for being antioxidant powerhouses. Antioxidants are great when it comes to fighting cancer-causing free radicals roaming throughout the body. The United States Department of Agriculture placed pistachios in the elite group of foods with the highest antioxidant capability. On top of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that pistachios contain, they also are a great source of dietary fiber. One serving of pistachios provides about 3 grams of fiber, or about 12% of your recommend daily requirement. All these vitamins and minerals also help boost the immune system.

Pistachios and Men’s Health

In a 2011 study, pistachios were found to have a positive impact on men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). After the three-week study, participants were found to have improved erectile function, sexual intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic ability, overall sexual satisfaction, and increased sexual desire. These improvements stem from the non-essential amino acid “arginine,” which is great when it comes to maintaining flexible arteries and enhancing blood flow as a result of increasing nitric oxide, which relaxes your blood vessels. The increase in arginine and nitric oxide increased blood flow to the penis by as much as 22%.

Protein, Protein, Protein

Compared to other popular, low-calorie nuts, pistachios have the highest amount of protein per one ounce serving. One ounce of pistachios packs roughly 6 ounces of protein while almonds and cashews have about 5 grams of protein per one ounce serving.

Eat Pistachios Raw

To obtain all the nutritional benefits that nuts have to offer, especially pistachios, make sure to consume them in their raw state or after they have been dry roasted. When cooked or packaged in oil, pistachios begin to lose their health value as their nutrients begin to degrade as a result of being exposed to the liquid oil. The oil also increases the amount of sodium and fat content of pistachios.

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