Pilates Benefits

Published 7/11/13

What are Pilates?

Pilates is a very popular type of fitness activity in many countries around the world including Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. Pilates is a full body workout where you condition your body through different exercise and routines to increase muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, breathing and balance. Unlike many other physical fitness activities, pilates does not just focus on specific parts of the body but rather works out the body as a whole. It is a full body fitness exercise incorporating breathing and mind practices as well. Pilates has many different levels of difficulty, so it can be catered to different types of people according to their abilities and experience. As a whole, pilates is a great activity for everyone that can benefit both your body and mind.

What are Pilates?

Enages Entire Body: If you are trying to get back into shape, pilates is a great way to go about it. It won’t make you bulky and muscular but rather give you a lean and toned look. Pilates works to create longer and stronger muscles, which helps in giving you a slimmer but stronger entire body. It will also improve your posture, which will make you look and feel more fit as well.

Healthy Spine: The routines in pilates gives the spine much more support, which in turn creates space between each vertebra. This will allow your spine to appear longer and im proves flexibility while it allows you to move more gracefully and with less effort. It can also help prevent possible spinal injuries in the future.

Gentle on the Body: You could almost compare pilates to physical therapy sessions because it works out your muscles and joints without overstressing them. It works to condition your muscles in a more balanced way and increases your self-awareness as well. It works in a controlled manner that increases your flexibility, strength and endurance. The key to iilates is consistency. Stick at it for a only a matter of weeks and you will begin to see positive results. 

Reduces Pain and Stiffness: Pilates lengthens your body and increases flexibility, which can help decrease pains from osteoarthritis. Stretching your muscles increases flexibility and will soothe pain and reduce fatigue. Stretching also pumps nutrients to your muscles and tendons, which keeps them healthy and reduces the risks of possible injuries or fatigue. The routines in pilates will also help with stiffness in the neck and back, which can reduce migraines, headaches, sore necks, and other upper body injuries. 

Mental Health: The movements in pilates are very smooth and balanced and done in a purposeful manner in an attempt to keep the nervous system calm. This will help decrease tension throughout thebody and mindand will leave you feeling more calm and balanced. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

Improves Balance and Coordination: Balance and coordination is very important on a day to day basis, especially as we start to age. Pilates improves our balance and coordination by focusing on the core of our body and working with the small and deep tissues of our body. These small and deep tissues are very important important when it comes to balance.


Whether you’re looking to increase flexibility, endurance, build strength, get back into shape or looking to decrease stress both in body and mind, pilates is a great way to achieve any or all of those things. It’s a promising way to get results without having to do intensive movements and postures that could stress out the body. Pilates doesn’t discriminate against anyone, so it’s something anyone can partake in.

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