Are Pickles Good For You?

Published 5/14/13

Have you recently consumed a true deli sandwich from a legitimate sandwich shop? If so, you most likely received a pickle with your delectable sandwich. Pickles are great when combined with a sandwich, but they should not be viewed similarly to condiments.  Pickles are a uniquely flavored vegetable that is low in calories and high in the K vitamin. Whether you are chowing down on a sandwich or looking for a snack, don’t forget about the pickle!

What Is A Pickle?

A pickle is actually a raw version of the common cucumber. Through a process known as pickling, hence its name, the cucumber is exposed to a mixture of vinegar, salt, and other random spices while it ferments. Although the pickling process alters the cucumbers flavor and nutritional content, as well as its name, it is still categorized as a vegetable.

Benefits of Pickles

Pickles are a great snack as they are low in both fat content and calories. The typical dill pickle wedge contains less than one gram of fat and four calories. While the pickle won’t knock your socks off in regards to calories or fat content, it will pack a punch with its Vitamin K content. One pickle slice contains as much as 20% of your daily K vitamin requirement, which is known to prevent blood clots after injuries. Pickles also contain sodium, fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C. The high sodium content helps the hydration process as it helps the body retain water for a longer period of time.

Pickles And Sodium

Pickles are a great snack item but they should never be heavily consumed because of their high sodium content. Sodium is known to result in elevated blood pressure when consumed in excess. The recommended sodium amount consumed on a daily basis for the average person is 1,500 milligrams per day. One dill pickle wedge contains roughly 300 milligrams of sodium, which is over 20% of the recommended daily amount of sodium. With this is mind it is recommended that you limit your daily pickle consumption to two or less wedges.

Pickles are a great option to pair with a meal or as a tasty snack when consumed them by themselves. Pickles are considered a vegetable that contain several key vitamins and minerals but it is important to be aware of the pickle’s high sodium content which can raise your blood pressure.


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User Rating: 10
Hannah berserk
I love pickles and I always thought that they were just good but to now know they are good health wise is dope brah
1/12/17 8:54pm
User Rating: 5
Love pickles and I was checking here to find out if they had any nutritional value. Glad to know about the vitamin K, which is supposed to help prevent arthritis. Thank you for additional information on salt content. That will help me limit my daily portion sizes. Thank you. I=Informative.
1/3/17 10:35pm
User Rating: 8
Good to know pickles have some nutritional value. I will start to eat them more often. I have low BP, so they are probably good for me...
8/3/16 2:36pm
User Rating: 5
I am addicted to Vlastic Sweet Baby and the Kosher Dill Baby Wholes. I eat a 16oz jar of each almost day. On 8/3, I purchased (6)-16oz jars of the sweet baby wholes and (2)-46oz jars of the kosher baby wholes and today they are all gone. I need help!! I guess my addiction is better than drugs or alcohol?
8/16/15 5:35am
User Rating: 5
I've been eating a jar of kosher dills every day for I don't know how long. I had no idea they were so high in sodium. I guess I should cut down.
8/9/15 8:33pm
User Rating: 6
I LOVE PICKLES!!!!!!! I never knew that pickles were so good for you. Yes I eat pickles twenty four seven. I just found an excuse to eat pickles every day again. I will just leave out the sodium part!
5/12/15 4:08pm
User Rating: 5
I love pickles!!!! Point blank... Lol... I love the little midgets or the thick slices.... I always easy them with block cheese or string cheese and a glass of milk. I do this daily, sometimes twice a day... It's like I have to... I guess you could say I'm addicted.... Lol... Namaste
4/11/15 11:05am
User Rating: 10
Rachel (Everyone), pickles are high in sodium content so tell your spouse not to eat too much. Just some advice.
2/25/15 7:08pm
User Rating: 10
This is a good article never thought pickles were that heathy. My spouse eats alot of picklesl in one meal oh abt 10 to 15 sliced pickles. We are always looking for different kinds of pickles
10/22/14 6:34pm
User Rating: 10
i eat pickles a lot on a daily baises i have maybe 1 slice of a pickle or more a day i buy the garlicy kinds and have around 300 grams of sodium a ounce so they have high sodium but i never eat salty foods or foods with salt unless seasonings from fresh foods so i guess im fine since u dont really gain weight my pickles have 0 fat and 2 callories :)
10/17/14 9:44pm
User Rating: 5
I eat 1 to 2 full size pickles a night with a big glass of milk my amazing midnight pickley snack
10/4/14 8:18pm
User Rating: 6
I love pickles. My favorite thing to do is drink the juice out of the jar when I am done eating the jar. Pickles have haters but Miley Cyrus said "Forget the haters cause somebody loves you."
9/29/14 7:33pm
User Rating: 5
I could eat five jars of sour pickles a day.. Depresses me that they have so much salt.
7/27/14 11:21am
User Rating: 5
7/22/14 5:20pm
User Rating: 5
Make your own pickels with Hymalaya salt and eat as much as you want!
Fermented foods are great for your health, it contains a lot of pro biotiaca!
Have a nice pickle day.
6/26/14 7:56am
User Rating: 5
I do exercise a lot everyday along with chasing my 5 & 1 year old daughters around. Pickles are a great snack we all love! We eat a big jar of whole pickles each week and we all stay very healthy!
6/23/14 10:25am
User Rating: 5
Woody Woodpickle
Yes I eat 3-4 pickles a day and my body fat is only 5%. I run everyday and in general eat healthy. I would NEVER give up my pickles...
6/22/14 9:59am
User Rating: 5
I just ate four pickles before I read this wondering if they were good for me or not, oh well ill eat as many as I want :)
6/21/14 7:06pm
User Rating: 10
Claussen pickles are great. The only pickle in the refrigerated section.
6/8/14 10:39am
User Rating: 5
yess i love pickles they are the best!!
5/10/14 1:05pm
User Rating: 4
Love pickles too! Been eating them a couple night's this week. Ice been working outa lot so perhaps I'm craving the salt. I feel like I eat them more than a normal person should....
5/1/14 7:50pm
User Rating: 8
Well I just found this jar of pickles... I just ate a whole one. What's that like 5-6 wedges?? Whoopsies!! But man I love pickles!! Better down some water the rest of the day... Ugh
4/30/14 2:51pm
User Rating: 5
Just a note, look around for information on how salt/sodium ISN'T bad for you. If you like pickles, eat as many as you want.
4/29/14 4:20pm
User Rating: 5
So it's healthy 4 u who knew
4/22/14 7:57pm
User Rating: 7
it kind of bummed me that they were cucumber! plus i was eating 2 pickles while reading this! too bad!: )
4/21/14 9:13am
User Rating: 10
I love pickles no matter what
4/14/14 9:01am
User Rating: 8
co co
Pickles are great!!!
4/11/14 1:32am
User Rating: 6
I love pickles just ate 2 Spears before I read this article. Darn it's too late!
4/1/14 10:34pm
User Rating: 5
I eat at least 6-7 pickles daily. I love them. I better cut down in this case. :(
3/21/14 1:06pm
User Rating: 5
I'm eating a pickle;)
2/23/14 7:02pm

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