Kombucha Health Benefits

Published 5/17/13

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is the effervescent result of fermented sweetened tea that is often added to another food in order to produce a "functional food." A fucntional food is a food where a new ingredient, or a larger amount of an exisiting ingredient, is added to the food that results in the food having an additional function(s). These functional foods are typicall seen in relation to healhy-living and disease or illness prevention. In its natural state, kombucha looks like a mushroom but it is actually a symbiotic colony combining yeast and bacteria. The existence of bacteria and yeasts in kombucha help promote microbial growth, which is where most of the health benefits of kombucha stem from.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

There have been very few medical studies on the health benefits of kombucha, most likely as a result of the fact that medical companies do not stand to make profit off a product that can be easily produced with minmal costs by an average consumer. But kombucha supporters state that kombucha effectively helps detox the body as well as provide mental energy. The detoxifying ability of kombucha stems from the many healthy enzymes and bacterial acids that it contains. The most proficient bacterial acid in kombucha is glucaric acid, which is known to prevent cancer. The bacteria and acids also help with gut health as they help improve digestion and fight off harmful yeast called candida. Kombucha also helps with joint health due to its high level of glucosamines, which is known to help prevent and treat all types of arthritis. The anti-oxidants found in kombucha boosts the immune systems to fight off illness as well as increase energy levels. 

How to Consume Kombucha

The best way to consume kombucha is by drinking kombucha tea. The recommend serving amount of kombucha tea is 150-milligrams but it is best to try smaller amounts initially to make sure that your body can properly proces kombucha. The best time to drink kombucha tea is before breakfast as the digestive system readily accepts and processes the kombucha.

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