Is Gatorade Good For You?

Published 5/14/13

What Is Gatorade?

Gatorade, currently produced by PepsiCo, is a refreshing beverage created with active individuals in mind. The drink combines water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes into one beverage as a means of ultimate replenishment. Distributed in over eighty countries, Gatorade is one of the most popular beverages of all-time. The line of sports drinks was created in 1965 by researchers at the University of Florida as a beverage to replenish the university’s athletes. Florida’s mascot is the Gator, short for alligators. The concept behind the name “Gatorade” is that the beverage was meant to aid the Gators, which is the nickname for the athletes competing for the University of Florida. Aiding the Gators turned into “Gator Aid” and ultimately resulted in “Gatorade.” Currently, Gatorade accounts for roughly ¾’s of the sports drink market in the United States.

What Is An Electrolyte?

Gatorade is a combination of water, fruit flavoring, calories and electrolytes. Electrolytes keep your body, muscles, and nerves functioning in a proper manner. The best electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium, bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate. Sodium is great because it increases water retention. High sodium content results in less water being lost through sweat or urination and keeps the body hydrated. While working out, vital electrolytes are lost as part of the sweating process and Gatorade is used to replenish them.

Gatorade Versus H2O

Gatorade’s main benefits are its ability to rehydrate (water) and replenish (electrolytes). While water is great at rehydrating, it lacks the ability to replenish anything other than just H2O. The electrolytes found in Gatorade help you rehydrate for two reasons: 1) electrolytes are absorbed faster than water and 2) water follows electrolytes. So not only do the muscles and nerves benefit from the quick absorption from electrolytes but also the water absorption process is expedited and helps the body become rehydrated quicker.  If you’re working out briefly, drinking water before, during and after the workout will keep the body plenty hydrated. But if you’re exercising vigorously for an extended amount of time then Gatorade is preferred. 

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User Rating: 10
Bobby Moore
I have been a Gatorade drinker for 2 yrs now. I replaced my Mt. Dew with it. I love the G2 Glacier Freeze, Fruit Punch, Grape, & Raspberry-Watermelon. They don't leave a bitter after taste like the regular Gatorade does
3/27/16 12:38pm
User Rating: 5
Bobby Moore
I love the G2 Series; Fruit Punch, Glacier Freeze, Grape & Raspberry-Watermelon. They don't have a bitter after taste that the reg. Gatorade gives me.
3/27/16 12:34pm
User Rating: 5
Erick D
Im 16 and I work out about twice a day (except weekends). My first session is during study hall at school (juniors and Senoirs have free reign of the school at that time) for 30 minutes, for those 30 minutes sessions should I have water instead of Gatorade? I buy a small 8oz every day for that session. Then after school I workout for 1 hour- 1 hour and a half, and have another 8oz Gatorade. Is this a good routine for me? If not please reply and add your opinion (I also do school track and play on a serious soccer team)
3/12/15 8:44am
User Rating: 9
I love gatorade. Blue is my fave.
10/14/14 1:55pm
User Rating: 5
Tyler Burdett
Well actualy everyday if i have the chance i usualy mix the gatorade and water together because it gives your body more nutrients and carbohydrates and it adds more flavor to your mouth so if your the type of person who likes to mix drinks i would prefer mixing those two together it really works well
9/27/14 6:04pm
User Rating: 5
original gatorade is the best in my opinion
9/25/14 8:50am
User Rating: 10
I Love the red gatorade.
7/23/14 3:35pm
User Rating: 5
I love the blue gaterade
7/17/14 7:23pm
User Rating: 5
Brandon Pencarinha
I drink Gatorade everyday instead pepsi and other coke products. But is drinking gatorade instead of those or tea bad after awhile? B.c I love the cool blue flavor (:
7/8/14 12:18pm
User Rating: 5
I love the Cool Blue flavor. It is also awesome if you put it in the freezer and drink it as a slushie, just my opinion.
6/13/14 10:39pm
User Rating: 10
i like the blue gatorade
6/6/14 7:28am
User Rating: 10
every single player drinks this Gatorade so I think it is good
5/13/14 6:22pm
User Rating: 2
Dylan Lehotay
I am not an experienced user but I loved the info i got on Gatorade and plan to be a more advocate user.
4/22/14 9:56am
User Rating: 10
sandtaner anthony
i love gatorade
4/8/14 8:56am

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