Benefits of Green Tea

Published 5/16/13

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has been a popular beverage consumed for thousands of years. It is not only widely consumed for its refreshing tastes but also for the extensive list of benefits that green tea has to offer. These benefits include its ability to fight cancer and heart disease, lowering cholesterol levels, burning off fat, lowering the risk of diabetes and stroke, and even holding off dementia.

Green Tea and Antioxidants

The antioxidants found in green tea are called “catechins.” This type of antioxidants search for and combat free radicals in the body that can increase the risks of cancer, can cause blood clots, or can lead to atherosclerosis (the hardening and narrowing of the arteries). The reason that green tea’s catechins are so powerful compared to other teas is because green tea leaves are withered and steamed rather than being fermented like black or white tea leaves.

Green Tea vs. Cancer

BREAST CANCER: A recent test of 500 Japanese women with Stage 1 or Stage 2 breast cancer showed that women who consumed an increased amount of green tea before and after breast cancer surgery resulted in a lower recurrence rate of breast cancer.

LUNG CANCER: After analyzing twenty-two studies that studied the correlation between increased consumption of green tea and the reduced risk of lung cancer, the analysis concluded that the increased amount of green tea could reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by as much as 18%.

VARIOUS CANCERS: A recent Chinese study concluded that there was a correlation between high green tea consumption and lower risk of developing stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Green Tea Weight Loss

Research has proven that green tea is great at burning fat and very beneficial for the heart, but it is not as effective as exercising. Green tea is very beneficial for your heart because it is a dilator, meaning the tea improves the flexibility of blood vessels and makes them less susceptible to clogging. Changing your diet to include green tea is a very wise decision but it is not recommended that one should consume green tea in place of exercising.

If you are already a physically active individual and are looking to improve your heart health, adding green tea can only help your cause. But if you are not an active person and looking to improve your heart health, it is highly recommended you pursue exercise rather than, or along with, green tea as the benefits from exercising far outweigh the benefits of green tea in terms of overall heart health.

Green Tea As A Stimulant

It is important to be aware that green tea does include a high level of caffeine. Consuming three or more cups of green tea a day can result in insomnia, nervousness, and a high level of anxiety. Green tea does have far less caffeine and calories than coffee or soda so if there is a need for an energy boost, it is better to consume a cup of green tea rather than a cup of coffee or soda.

So Is Green Tea Good For You?

Green tea is 100% good for you. Green tea consumption has been linked to fighting cancer, destroying dangerous free radicals within the body, and preventing multiple diseases as well as providing a healthy boost of energy.


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