Drinking Water Health Benefits

Published 6/28/13


It should come as no surprise that water is very important for our health and living, without it our body is incapable of properly functioning. There is a reason why our body is unable to survive without water for 5+ days whereas the average human can survive for a couple of weeks without food. Blood is roughly 83% water, 79.2% of the human heart is composed of water, muscles are over 75% water, the brain is just under 75% water, 72% of the skin is water while bones are 22% water. The average person loses between 2-3 quarts of water a day from sweating, urination and breathing. A person can lose even more water when the temperature is hot or if they perform some sort of intense physical fitness. Regardless if you live in a place with high temperatures or if you work out or not, it is vital that you maintain proper hydration levels. 

Importance of Water

Water is extremely important when it comes to blood and urine. Blood is roughly 83% water and therefore without water,blood is unable to properly circulate throughout the body. Blood transports oxygen, nutrients, waste products throughout the body and without water blood can’t function properly and the human body doesn't perform at its peak level. It is also important in the function of urine, with its main function being to rid the body of waste. Without the proper transportation of urine thoughout the body, waste can build up in the body leading to diseases and possibly even death.

Water is also important in the regulation of body temperature. Water mis able to keep the body cool by sweating. Our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, when the body temperature rises above that mark the body begins to sweat. Without proper hydration, the body is unable to properly maintain the proper temperature and can result in overheating. It is highly recommended that one begins consuming water several hours before experiencing high air temperatures or before working out. 

Symptoms of Dehydration

It’s important not to wait for the symptoms of dehydration before you start drinking water, but drink throughout the day to avoid dehydration. The most common symptoms of dehydration include headaches, little urine or dark colored urine, feeling dizzy or light headed, extreme thirst, dry mouth, or sleepiness and fatigue.

Simple Tips for Staying Hydrated

The easiest way to maintain a proper hydration level is by drinking 2+ glasses of water in the morning as well as with every meal while keeping a bottle of water at your side throughout the day. Keeping the bottle of water near you makes it easier to stay hydrated since it will help remind you through the day that you need to drink water. 

There are other drinks such as sport drinks, such as Gatorade that can keep you well hydrated. However these drinks contain high calories and some contain high levels of sugar that in high amounts aren't healthy. Certain foods also contain a lot of water, such as watermelon or soups. Regardless of how you consume your daily requirement of water, it is very important to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day to allow your body to properly function. 

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