CoQ10 Benefits

Published 6/17/13

What Is CoQ10?

CoQ10, short for Coenzyme Q10, is a type of substance that is very similair to a vitamin. Coenzymes help enzymes work to digest foods as well as perform a variety of other body processes. CoQ10 is found in every cell within the human body. The human body produces CoQ10 as the body's cells use it for energy to power cell growth and maintanence. CoQ10 is also found in nature as it is produced in small amounts by a wide range of foods. CoQ10 is sold over the counter in the United States as a dietary supplement and is known by many names including Q10, vitamin Q10, ubiquione, and ubidecarenone. 

CoQ10 Benefits

Although the research of CoQ10 is still in its infancy, there are several benefits of CoQ10 that have become common belief. CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body to help provide energy for the body's cells to power cell grwoth and maintenance. CoQ10 is also known to be a antioxidant as it helps protect the body from dangerous free radicals roaming throughout the body. Just like other coenzymes, CoQ10 helps enzymes break down food material and perform other body processes.

Some less commonly accepted benefits of CoQ10 are that it helps combat heart failure, cancer, muscular dystrophy, and periodontal disease as well as it helps boost the immune system. A study in 1961 found that many of the cancer patients in their study had low levels of CoQ10 in their blood. This produced the idea that high CoQ10 levels can combat and reduce the risk of cancer. 

CoQ10 Side Effects

Since CoQ10 itself is naturally produced by the human body, it is completely safe when consumed in moderation. There is a common belief that consuming over 100-mg of CoQ10 on a daily basis can lead to mild insomnia. Others have reported rashes, nasuea, dizziness, sensitivity to light, irritability, and headaches. It is important to know that the consumption of CoQ10 can decrease the body's response to blood thinner medications, such as Warfarin (coumadin). 

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David Kintz
I have been taking 100 mg of CoQ10 daily and love it. Is 100 mg too much though? I'm worried that maybe I should lower my dosage.
6/17/13 8:50pm

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