Cayenne Pepper Benefits

Published 7/2/13

What is Cayenne Pepper?

The cayenne pepper is an extremely spicy and hot pepper that offers many health benefits for the human body but beware, this pepper is not for everyone. If you’re someone that avoids spicy foods, it would be best to avoid this pepper. Cayenne pepper has been used for for many years around the world as both a spice and for therapeutic purposes. However there are still controversies surrounding the benefits versus the dangers associated with consuming cayenne pepper, with both the benefits and dangers stemming from the pepper's intense and blod flavor. 

Cayenne Pepper Benefits

The Cayenne Pepper contains a high level of capsaicin, a type of spicy substance that gives the cayenne pepper its bold flavor. The capsaicin is what gives cayenne pepper its therapeutic properties that are applied to treat various types of diseases. Capsaicin has the power to relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism by postively affecting the sensory nerves. It also has the ability to kill cancer cells, so therefore it is used in the treatment of leukemia and cancers in the lungs, pancreas and prostate glands. Consuming capsaicin can result in apoptosis, which is when the cancer cells start destropying themselves.

Cayenne pepper contains many beneficial nutrients for the human body. It contains high levels of vitamins A, B, C, B6, K, fiber and manganese. Vitamin A is especially important because it boosts the immune system as it helps fight infections and improves overall well-being. Cayenne pepper also contains antioxidants, whichattack dangerous free radicals roaming the body that can cause permanent damage. Cayenne pepper can also lower overall cholesterol levels by reducing the "bad" LDL cholesterol level. 

The human heart loves cayenne pepper. The pepper works in dissolving fibrin, which is one of the main helps helps with blood flow and proper circulation. This proper circulation allows for nutrients to reach the entire body, maintain proper body temperature, remove toxins from the body, and even rebuilds blood cells. Research has show that countries who consume high amounts of cayenne pepper typically experience fewer heart attacks. It is also known to help control blood pressure levels, especially with hypertension.

There is controversy when it comes to the topic of cayenne pepper and stomach health, but the general seems to be that cayenne benefits the stomach. This is especially true  in regards to the prevention of stomach ulcers by killing the bacteria that you have ingested. Cayenne pepper not only kills the bacteria but it also stimulates cells in the stomach that protect the stomach, further preventing stomach ulcers. 

Cayenne pepper is also a great when it comes to weight loss. The intense heat that the body senses when eating cayenne pepper results in both an increased heart rate and increasedmetabolism, both of which lead to the burning of calories.

The cayenne pepper powder can also be used to heal wounds when applied directly. It will stop the bleeding and help the skin not scar. It can also be used as a pain relief and remedy for sore throats, headaches, heartburns, allergic reactions, toothaches, snakebites and many other sores. 

Different Ways to Eat Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can be easily eaten with any meal by simply adding a pinch to the food. It tastes great with stir-fried vegetables, canned beans, or even a small pinch in your hot cocoa. This zesty spice can definitely add a whole new and spicy flavor to your dish. If you like spicy food you should definitely try cayenne pepper, not only for the flavor but also for the health benefits. 

Where to Buy?

You can possibly find cayenne peppers in your local grocery market, but if not, it can be found in ethnic markets or local spice stores. If possible, it’s best to get freshly grown cayenne pepper for the best taste and quality. After you have purchased your cayenne pepper, it should be kept in a tight jar and kept away from the sunlight.  

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Cayenne pepper changed my life! I live with chronic neutropenia so cannot fight bacteria. When Im unwell or have an infection I take cayenne pepper which i put in gel capsules and take two a day till infection clears. Usually clears within 2-3 days. Best remedy ever!!! I always pack my cayenne first when going away on a trip. Try it! You'll be amazed. Herbs are really hidden wonders........
8/10/15 3:50am

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