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Published 12/20/13

As adults, we are beaten up and we continue to beat on our bodies every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re working outside, working out, lifting children, or just sitting in a chair all day. It’s likely that the repetitive movements that you do on a routine basis are causing damage to some part of you. It’s the nature of wear and tear. This is where massage can help as they have many benefits to offer.

The Benefits of Massages

Massage is the physical manipulation of muscle tissue. This manipulation can do many things and has numerous health benefits, the most popular being to relieve tension. The massage parlors and spas that pop up anywhere and everywhere advertise this especially, knowing that we all hold tension that makes us uncomfortable; but there are many other benefits as well.

  1. The manipulation of muscle tissue improves circulation. This increases the production of lymph (a milky substance responsible for carrying waste from the body) and that helps release toxic materials from your body. When your massage is over, you’ll be encouraged to drink plenty of water to help this process along.
  2. The reduction of muscle tension leads to the elimination of nerve compression. This causes greater range of motion and relief of discomfort caused by compression. This relaxation also helps to steady the heart rate, making the risk of heart attack decrease.
  3. When your body works better, you sleep better. A good massage that helps you flush out toxins, balance your heart rate, and relieve tension and eliminate nerve compression will likely cause the best night’s sleep of your life.

The Various Massage Styles

There are several different ways to manipulate muscle tissue and many that act in conjunction with spiritual practices that also manipulate energy. Choosing the right one for you requires a bit of research or a talk with your doctor, physical therapist, or even a personal trainer. There are a few basic categories that can assist you in narrowing things down.

  1. Remedial massage, often recommended by a specialist, concentrates on manipulating muscle tissue to help a specific area or injury. Conditions such as arthritis, edema, and chronic pain are often eased by a massage at the end of a physical therapy session.
  2. Professional athletes benefit greatly from sports massage. When a person stresses their body as much as an athlete does, it needs a little extra help in keeping circulation balanced and muscles relaxed. Not only can massage improve the quality of life for an athlete, but also their performance.
  3. Pregnant women may experience a lot of discomfort as their bodies change with their growing baby. Massage can keep the heart rate in check and relieve pain and discomfort caused by stress on the muscles and increased hormone production.

Make It Routine

Make the decision to include massage in your life today. You’ll feel lighter, healthier, and happier from all of the benefits of massage. In many cases, you might actually need massage and you never knew it. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist today about how to get the best benefits of massage possible.  Other beneficial forms of exercise to add to your routine are running and long walks

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